Why Do I need a land Surveyor?

Licensed Surveyors are commonly used to determine the boundaries and features of properties, to determine easements and encroachments, to develop or build on land, and to satisfy local building codes and regulations. It takes their skills to:

  • Review tax records for subject and adjoining properties
  • Review recorded deeds and plats
  • Field survey

- Find and locate corners of subject and adjoining properties

- Locate improvements

- Set missing property corners and stakes on line as requested

  • Evaluate found corners compared to the record taking into account property laws and surveying standards
  • Prepare plat for delivery to client

How much does it cost?

We pride ourselves delivering quality, we enjoy conducting a methodical, deliberative investigation on each survey requested

  • Costs are estimated based several factors which determine how long a survey will take.

- Size of property
- Amount and type of improvements
- Amount and density of vegetation
- Age of subdivision
- Availability of land records
- Availability of existing monumentation /property corners
- Type of survey requested.

Or deliverables are usually delivered on 10 days depending on details on site.

“Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything”  - Wyatt Earp